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Start your month with a beautiful time of stillness and heart-full mindfulness meditation. In this 30-minute meditation, we have centering, guided and silent meditations, and brief sharing. It is a time of silence, peace, and relaxation. All are welcome.

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Please join us for this sacred time of meditation, readings, and live music as we explore the traditional and New Thought meanings of Good Friday, this Dark Night of the Soul. We are honored to have internationally acclaimed violinist, Sandy Poindexter join us virtually. Sandy has a beautiful Spirit. She is a "former member of Alto Sax musician, John Handy’s group, John Handy with Class. They toured nationally and internationally for over 15 years.


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Please join us for a joy-full Easter CELEBRATION! Service as we celebrate the new birth and trans-formation of Easter. We always have a centering, readings, music videos, a short talk/message, sharing, meditation, and a closing affirmative prayer. Come be inspired and uplifted. Easter bonnets are welcome. All are welcomed with a (virtual) open Heart and open arms. are welcome.

Have something heavy on your Heart? Want some prayer support to start your week? Have a decision to make? Or maybe a prayer of gratitude! Then join us for a sacred time of prayer and support on the telephone (  All are welcome. All faiths and traditions are honored.

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In my 20+ years in Interfaith-New Thought spiritual leadership, I often get questions about different spiritual practices, paths, and philosophies. The questions often start something like this, "So what exactly is _________?" Each month, we will explore a different spiritual philosophy, path, or practice. Last month, we explored New Thought. This month, we will explore Metaphysics.


Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy and explores how the experiences of our lives have deeper meaning, and how we define our reality. It refers to an "idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception." ( Join us as we explore Metaphysics. All are welcome! New Comers especially welcome!

From 1953 to 1980, Peace Pilgrim walked over 25,000 miles across America spreading her message of peace, with only what she could carry in her tunic. Please join us as we explore her powerful message in her small pamphlet. All Peace Pilgrim pamphlets and books are free on the website. 

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HeartSpirit Community  


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