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Start your month with a beautiful time of stillness and heart-full mindfulness meditation. In this 30-minute meditation, we have centering, guided and silent meditations, and brief sharing. It is a time of silence, peace, relaxation, and connecting with the Divine within. All are welcome.

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NEW TIME! Sometimes we just need someone to be with us and speak the Truth with us as we are going through Life's many experiences - some good and some not so good. Please join us for this monthly Interfaith prayer circle as we offer prayers for ourselves, our family, friends, and the world. We offer empowering, affirmative prayers that honor all paths to the Divine. All are welcome. All faiths and traditions are honored.

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Are you calling in more Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Money, Peace, JOY and Goodness!? Maybe you are calling in a new relationship or employment or wanting to deepen your connection with the Divine. If so, please join us for this monthly Study Group where we will explore the principles of Science of Mind and other powerful life empowering spiritual practices and principles. All are welcome.

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This month as we explore Mysticism, we will discuss the "7 Paths to God" by well-known author Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph. D. Most faith traditions and spiritual paths have mystical practices. And, yet there seems to be much mystery around Mysticism. Please come join us as we discuss the Seven Paths and how we can walk through our lives as mystics. All are welcome to join one or all three sessions. Namaste'

Please join us as we CELEBRATE Life, Living, Joy, Spirit, and Community! We always have reading(s), uplifting music videos, a short talk/message, sharing, meditation, laughter, and FUN! Come be inspired and uplifted. All are welcome and welcomed with a (virtual) open Heart and open arms.

I often get questions about the New Thought and Interfaith paths. The question usually starts off like this, "So, what exactly is _________?" Each month at HeartSpirit, we explore a different spiritual philosophy, path, or practice. In March, we explored New Thought. In April, we explored Metaphysics. In May, we explored Consciousness. In June, we explored Truth. In July, we explored Quantum Physics. In August, we explored the Science of Mind & Spirit. This month, we will explore Mysticism.


Mysticism has often been described as "union with God." There have been mystics throughout the ages - Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Joan of Arc, and modern day mystics such as Starhawk, Carlos Castaneda, and even Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Ernest Holmes, and Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman have been called mystics. But, what is mysticism and can one become a mystic? Please join us as we explore Mysticism. There is always rich, deep, and lively discussion. All are welcome.

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  • Good Friday Service

  • Winter Solstice Circle

  • Summer Solstice Circle

  • Thanksgiving Gratitude Circle 

  • Holiday Candlelight Service

  • New Year's Eve Circle

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