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Community Statement ~ What We Believe

The HeartSpirit Spiritual Community is a supportive, inclusive, joy-filled spiritual community that embraces and celebrates all religions, faith traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. We are dedicated to honoring each individual’s unique spiritual path and being a community of light, joy, unconditional love, radical acceptance, celebration and fun. We practice a "Universal Spirituality" that embraces all sacred texts and Ancient Wisdom taught by the Great Masters and Mystics. We teach powerful tools for healing, growth, and transformation, so we may experience joyous, abundant, affirmative living. We are an “Oasis for the Soul.

We honor each religion for its sacredness and contributions to our World and embrace all practices.


We know that we each define our own expression and experience of the Divine.


We know the Divine to be called God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Allah, Jah, Olodumare, Jehovah, Yehwah, Divine Essence, All That Is, Higher Power, yet we  do not limit our expression of it.


We know that the Divine Essence and Presence that is called by many names, is within all of creation and that we are all part of this creation.


We know that we live in a rich, full Universe that always provides for our every need, want and desire.


We know our thoughts create our experiences, and that at any moment, we may choose to have a different experience.


We honor each other as beautiful expressions of the Divine.


We expect miracles everyday.


We expect Love and Joy everyday.


We expect abundance and prosperity everyday.


We expect Peace and Perfect Health everyday.


We live this Truth, speak this Truth, and walk this Truth.


And So It Is! Amen! Blessed Be! Aho! Ashe’! Namaste'! Shalom!

HeartSpirit Interfaith Community  

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