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HeartSpirit Community is an Interfaith/InnerFaith/New Thought/Ancient Wisdom community celebrating all Paths to the Divine called by many names: God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Allah, Hashem, Jehovah, Mother-Father God, Higher Power, and many other sacred names. We practice unconditional love, radical acceptance, gratitude, and abundant living in a Heart-Centered virtual community. We welcome those of all Spiritual Paths spiritual path.

You are welcome at HeartSpirit! Namaste'

"An Oasis for the Heart & Soul"
* Are you Spiritual, not Religious?
* Do you honor the ancient wisdom found in all religions and faith traditions?
* Are you familiar with Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity, Metaphysics, or New Thought?
 * Do you enjoy the teachings of Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay,  and others?
*Are you seeking a joyful, diverse, and welcoming Heart-centered spiritual community?
Yes? Then HeartSpirit welcomes you with open arms and a loving Heart. 
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ 


                                     Dear Fellow Heart-Centered Spiritual Explorers! Welcome! 


                                   There are truly no coincidences and no accidents. If you have found your way here, it                                                              means you are ready to  deepen your connection to the Source of all creation in a  joy-full, 

                                    loving community, a place where you are seen and celebrated.


Founded in 2017, HeartSpirit Community is a virtual, global Interfaith-New Thought-Ancient Wisdom spiritual community that honors all spiritual paths, and shares New Thought teachings and Life practices.


All are welcome at HeartSpirit Circle, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Quaker, Muslim, American Indian, New Thought, or any other sacred/spiritual path....or no spiritual path. We honor all paths...and we honor YOU. We look forward to sharing sacred space with you.  All are welcome here!


Peace ~ Namaste' ~ Ashe' ~ Aho ~ Blessed Be  ~ Shalom

Rev. Dr. Ouida Joi, Community Founder & Spiritual Leader

Rev O.jpg

A Moment of Stillness!

HeartSpirit Meditation (14:11)


Namaste' ~ The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.

HeartSpirit Community  

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